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6:51 AM - Apr 25, 2019

Previous Calls

Trash/Garbage Bin, Victoria Beach - 5:17 pm, April 17/19
Power Lines Down, Lake LaRose - 11:31 pm, April 16/19
Vehicle Fire, Granville Ferry - 10:14 am, April 6/19
MVA, Maitland Bridge - 8:33 am, April 4/19
MVA, Lequille - 2:49 am, March 30/19
Medical Assist, Granville Beach - 8:05 am. Call Cancelled at 8:07 am, March 30/19
Chimney Fire, Youngs Cove - 2:45 pm, March 24/19
Chimney Fire, Lequille - 6:04 pm, March 21/19
Commercial Fire Alarm, Annapolis Royal - 9:00 am, March 11/19
Commercial Fire Alarm, Annapolis Royal - 4:36 am, March 11/19
Propane Leak, Karsdale - 11:30 am, March 10/19
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Thank you to all who supported the Annapolis Royal Volunteer Fire Department.  The Ace of Spades was drawn.  Congratulations to Clyde Barteaux!

Please continue to show your appreciation and support the following businesses, whom without their help, this endeavour would not have been possible.

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6:51 AM - Apr 25, 2019

When Environment Canada forecast major weather events or other emergencies occur that may affect the general public served by the Annapolis Royal Volunteer Fire Department, the "Emergency Information Centre" will appear below. As events happen to require the Fire Chief activate resources, i.e. use of the fire hall for warming purposes, the information will appear below with instructions.

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