Where's the Fire?
When the fire whistle sounds, details will appear here. Please allow up to 5 minutes for details to appear. Press F5 to refresh this page.

12:41 PM - Jul 20, 2019

Previous Calls

Mutual Aid - Standby at Hall, Bear River - 3:29 pm, July 19/19
MVA, Litchfield - 5:50 pm, July 16/19
Medical Assist, Victoria Beach - 12:47 pm, July 14/19
Medical Assist, Port Wade - 6:38 pm, July 13/19
MVA, Hillsburn - 12:25 pm, July 05/19
Medical Assist, Port Wade - 11:08 am, July 05/19
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12:41 PM - Jul 20, 2019

When Environment Canada forecast major weather events or other emergencies occur that may affect the general public served by the Annapolis Royal Volunteer Fire Department, the "Emergency Information Centre" will appear below. As events happen to require the Fire Chief activate resources, i.e. use of the fire hall for warming purposes, the information will appear below with instructions.

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